Thinking Like a Strategist! by Windy Lawson

Thinking Like a Strategist!

Tired of following the gurus, suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome, spinning your wheels and still not moving ahead in your business? You need a strategic plan, but you plan strategically, you need to THINK STRATEGICALLY!

All thinking is not created equally

Are you bouncing from strategy to strategy, hoping the next one is your silver bullet?
Are you able to dream up amazing goals, but can't quite figure out how to get there?
Do you struggle with deciding what resources you need or prioritizing your next steps?
Are you afraid to choose any strategy, because it may not be "the right one"?

It's time to embrace the mindset, process and practice of strategic thinking. At its core, strategic thinking is about discovering the most likely scenario to help you solve a problem or achieve a goal. Strategic thinking analyzes where you are now, clarifies where you want to be, and outlines the best way to get there. 

But most of us are never taught how to think strategically. So we follow the crowd, cross our fingers and hope for the best. 

The Strategic Thinking Process

When you use strategic thinking, you make better decisions, keep your focus where it needs to be, design a plan that fits, build your analytical skills, and achieve success faster. 

Strategic thinking is a skill that anyone can learn to master!

In this 47-page e-book, you're going to learn:
  • the three elements of strategic thinking,
  • how to employ strategic thinking as a practice, 
  • 19 everyday activities to strengthen your strategic thinking, 
  • how to employ strategic thinking as a process, 
  • six steps to implementing a strategic thinking process,
  • how to think strategically in your business, your finances, your relationships, and as a parent.