Rockstar Confident! Building Unshakable Self-Confidence by Windy Lawson

Rockstar Confident! Building Unshakable Self-Confidence

It's virtually impossible to be successful without confidence. But, even if your confidence is lacking, you can rebuild it. This course will show you exactly how to do that!

You were once confident

We all start out confident. It was confidence that enabled you to learn to walk and talk as a child. But, somewhere along the way, your confidence took a hit. Whether your confidence disappeared recently, or if you've been lacking self-confidence for years, you can rebuild it.

And it's crucial that you do! 

When you have confidence in your abilities, you can see success in areas where you don’t have the experience or skills you need. But, if you don’t have confidence, you can fail even though you have all the experience and ability that would surely lead you to success.

What is included?

Through 8 video lessons and an 18-page workbook, you'll:

  • Learn how to give yourself a boost of confidence
  • Learn the essentials of self-confidence
  • Take a confidence assessment
  • Determine how you lost our confidence
  • Build your confidence back up
  • Learn everyday strategies to keep growing confident
  • Discover tools to overcome confidence killers