Mindset Reset E-Book by Windy Lawson

Ready for a reset?

Everything was great, then suddenly it wasn't. Sounds familiar, right?  Was it caused by an  external change or an internal change? 

Everyday, our mindset is under attack. And eventually, the seeds of doubt and fear can seemingly sprout into a garden of weeds overnight.

Your computer isn't the only thing that needs an occasional reboot!

Having a positive mindset that is free of limiting beliefs, ready to conquer fear, committed to staying organized and on-task, crush goals and stay highly motivated doesn't happen by accident.

You can't Set it and Forget it!

Keeping your mindset in a state that works with you and for you is an ongoing process. And the Mindset Reset is designed to help you do just that.

This 51-page e-book is the blueprint to reset your mindset in 30 days. Through a structured format, the six lessons and corresponding daily affirmations will give you the tools to break through your mindset barriors. 

Six Mini Lessons

This e-book includes six lessons to help you tackle the most common mindset issues:
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Building Self Confidence
  • Pushing Past Fear
  • Goal Setting
  • Strengthening Your Work Ethic
  • Supercharge Your Motivation

30 Affirmations and Tasks

Each lesson is followed by five beautiful affirmation worksheets and self-reflection questions to help you anchor in the lesson.

Mindset Reset E-Book

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