Her Success MAP by Windy Lawson

Finally, an easy to follow MAP for your SUCCESS

Does This Sound Familiar?

I was so excited about my business idea, but now I'm stuck. 😒

If I can't make this business work, I am letting my family down. 😢

There just aren't enough hours in the day to do all the things I need to do to be successful. 😫

Every time I am brave enough to take the next step, my efforts fall flat and I'm right back at square one. 🤯

I'm afraid to even look at the financials of my business because I know they are going to be bad. 😱

I am willing to try new things, but I end up getting spread so thin, none of it is working. 😦

I have good news. It's 100% predictable and fixable!

The Path to Success

Your definition of success is as unique as your business is. But that doesn't mean your journey is different from the other women who have boldly gone before you.

There is a path that every successful microbusiness owner follows. And my job is to give you the map to navigate to Stage 5 as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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STAGE 1: You’re not making money or you’re making money at the expense of everything else.

STAGE 2: You have developed a clear strategy, but are not yet fully implementing it.

STAGE 3: You are consistently implementing your strategy through a variety of tactics, chipping away at the milestones, day by day.

STAGE 4: You are analyzing and adjusting the strategy based on the results.

STAGE 5: You’re sipping Mai Tais at 4:30 because your work is done for the day and you are making progress towards your goals.

Her Success MAP

You know where you want to go. Now, get on the right road, with the right resources, and the right people to get there! 


All The Deets

In Her Success MAP, you’ll receive mindset and business tools to help you succeed. Your membership includes:

  • LIVE MONTHLY WEBINAR, held the first Thursday of each month at 3pm ET. Topics include: strategic planning for the upcoming quarter, productivity, overcoming obstacles, and more. 

  • WEEKLY VIRTUAL CO-WORKING SESSIONS, held every Tuesday at 3pm ET. Harness the power of implementation intention, social pressure and accountability to eliminate procrastination and increase your productivity by up to 300%. Bring your tasks and #GSD!

  • MONTHLY OPEN FORUM/Q&A, held the fourth Thursday of each month at 3pm ET.  This is your chance to pick Windy's brain on your business questions.

  • EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP for networking, support and accountability. Inside the Facebook group, you have the opportunity to network with other GoalGetters, and access to daily tips covering productivity, goal-setting, mindset, self-care and more. 

  • EXCLUSIVE BOOK CLUB, 3 times per year to support  your personal development.  Past books included Everything is Figureoutable and Atomic Habits.  

  • WEEKLY EMAIL with highlights of training content and key takeaways from the previous week. 

  • BONUS E-BOOKS, Mindset Reset and Thinking Like a Strategist, a $58 value.

What Members Say

Coach Windy speaks from the heart; I don’t know how she does it, but she always knows what I need to hear (it’s like she is reading my mind). 

She has you dig deep to help you figure out what you really need to be doing to reach your goals. 

Her Success MAP is not about just telling to do this or do that, but helping you work out your problems and finding a solution that works for you! This is seriously the best coaching group that I have ever been a part of.
Michele Sims
Her Success Map has been an amazing support to me in my efforts to launch my microbusiness. There is so much value in the group coaching calls, webinars, and the community. Windy has helped me find clarity, a clear strategy, and a detailed plan. I have also learned so much on creating a budget, setting realistic goals, and understanding where there were gaps in my processes. I highly recommend a Her Success Map membership to all my sister entrepreneurs who want to have a map to success in their own business!

Heather Cherrington
Her Success MAP was exactly what I needed to actually make moves in my business. 

I have been able to grow my Mary Kay team along with increasing personal and team sales. 

I'm currently closing out the end of our fiscal year as the top consultant for retail sales in my unit. 

I'm crushing it and building the momentum needed to soar. 

Mahalo for this!

Phyllis Whetsel

Oh, hey new friend!

I have helped thousands of female microbusiness owners develop business strategies to turn their dreams into reality. Because I personally know how easy it is to fail without a solid plan. #BeenThereDoneThatGotTheTShirt

As a former marketing executive turned entrepreneur turned coach, I am passionate about teaching women business fundamentals in an easy to apply approach, using every day language. 


Can I cancel and get a refund if I don't love it?

Absolutely! Cancel within your first 30 days for a full refund. After that, you can cancel any time.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for female microbusiness owners; women who own a business with less than $250,000 in annual revenue. Consultants, independent contractors, coaches, creators, bloggers, direct sellers, boutique owners, you are all welcome here.

When are the webinars?

The webinars are held the first Thursday of each month at 3pm ET.

How do I access the training materials?

Each month's webinar and other resources  will be added directly into your account. Simply log in to attend.

Do I have to be on Facebook to use this membership?

The webinar will be shared in your account here, so a Facebook account is not required. 

I participated in the The Clarity Co-Op mastermind group. Should I join this?

Nah, girl, your mastermind fee includes a year of The Success MAP for free-fifty-free. Booyah!

I have other questions. Help!

I gotchu! Use the chat button in the the lower right hand corner to send me a message.