Get Sh!t Done: Becoming a Productivity Diva by Windy Lawson

Get Sh!t Done: Becoming a Productivity Diva

Ditch the overwhelm, wave buh-bye to procrastination and experience how ahhhmazing it feels to finally get sh!t done with this video course.

We're all busy, but successful people are productive.

Are you drowning in a never-ending to do list?
Is procrastination keeping you from pushing forward in your business?
Do you struggle with prioritizing your tasks or organizing your day?

That's no way to live, sister!  You can't bring your dream business to life if you're buried in busy work, or don't understand a key truth about time. 

And if you think you are too busy to take a productivity training, that makes as much sense as saying you are too thirsty to take a drink of water. In less than 90 minutes, you'll have the tools to take back control of your time. 

In this video course, you're going to:
  •  get clear on what is causing your overwhelm,
  • learn the foundation for productivity, 
  • figure out which tasks are important and which need to get ditched,
  • understand why you procrastinate, and more importantly, how to stop already,
  • and get time management and productivity tips to turn you into a Productivity Diva.

What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 12 text files


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 1 video
2 mins
Lesson 1 Transcript
Course Worksheet
486 KB
Lesson 2: Why we're overwhelmed and unproductive
Lesson 2 Video
6 mins
Lesson 2 Transcript
Lesson 3: The Foundation of Productivity
Lesson 3 Video
25 mins
Lesson 3 Transcript
My Time Block
857 KB
Lesson 4: Procrastination
Lesson 4 Video
15 mins
Lesson 4 Transcript
Lesson 5: Time Management and Productivity Tips
Lesson 5: Pomodoro Technique
3 mins
Pomodoro Technique Transcript
Lesson 5: A Someday File
3 mins
A Someday File Transcript
Lesson 5: One Touch
2 mins
One Touch Transcript
Lesson 5: RescueTime
3 mins
RescueTime Transcript
Lesson 5: Becoming Clutter-free
2 mins
Becoming Clutter-free Transcript
Lesson 5: End of day ritual
3 mins
End of the Day Ritual Transcript
Productivity Boosting Apps
Lesson 6: Wrap up
Lesson 6 Video
2 mins
Lesson 6 Transcript

It's your time!

Time is your most precious asset. You can always make more money, but you can never get time back.  Take control of your time with this course now.