Creating a Vision Board That Works! by Windy Lawson

Creating a Vision Board That Works!

Think vision boards are too WooWoo for you? Think again! This course will show you how to create a vision board that actually works to help you achieve your goals. 

Calling all skeptics!

This course was designed for you. This isn't a "throw some images on poster board and watch The Universe deliver your hopes and dreams on a platter" course. 

In this video course, you'll learn the science behind why vision boards work, get clarity on what should be represented on your vision board (and what shouldn't), and learn how to make your digital vision board in multiple graphic design programs. 

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 3 files Text Icon 7 text files


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 1 video
3 mins
Lesson 1 Transcript
Lesson 2: What vision boards are (and more importantly, what they aren’t)
Lesson 2 Video
9 mins
Lesson 2 Transcript
Lesson 3: All about clarity
Clarifying Your Vision worksheet
454 KB
Word of the Year.pdf
246 KB
Lesson 3 Video
10 mins
Lesson 3 Transcript
Lesson 4: Time to get busy
Lesson 4 Video
8 mins
Lesson 4 Transcript
Vision Board Checklist.pdf
244 KB
Lesson 5: Creating your vision board in Canva
Lesson 5 Video
9 mins
Lesson 5 Transcript
Lesson 6: Creating your vision board in PicMonkey
Lesson 6 video
5 mins
Lesson 6 Transcript
Lesson 7: Now what?
Lesson 7 video
3 mins
Lesson 7 Transcript

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